Visual and performing arts at SMJ is taught by a dedicated full time specialist teacher.

The Arts learning area acts as a way for children to explore the world around them. With a strong focus on fun, the children are taught and encouraged to utilise their imagination, use a variety of communication skills, and explore their creativity to solve problems as they learn about the world around them. The Arts also promote opportunities for students to build confidence and form relationships with peers in a relaxed and trusting environment.

Performing Arts

Performing arts consists of Drama, Music and Dance. Each term focuses on a different key area: drama, music, dance, with term 4 being reserved to bring all elements together in the form of our end of year Christmas concert.

During Prep to grade two, students will explore spatial awareness and movement through dance, learn to work cooperatively with others and make decisions, experiment with sounds using instruments and voice and express their creativity with make believe and role play.

Grade 3-6 students continue to expand on the above skills by preparing and performing short scripts, choreographing dance sequences, composing music using a variety of instruments.

Visual Arts

During Prep to grade two, students explore the use of colour, line and texture with a strong focus on developing painting and drawing techniques. While structured art lessons focus on key skills and techniques, the students are also exposed to a broad range of materials to create freely and express their creativity.

Grade 3-6 students expand their range of skills and more complex art processes while developing respect for and acknowledgement of the diverse roles, innovations, traditions, histories and cultures of artists. Students create artworks that encourage individuality by exploring techniques such as printmaking, still life drawing, 3D sculpture and watercolour.