The official supplier of the SMJ Horsham Primary uniform is Hip Pocket Horsham located at 15 Sloss St Horsham. Each item is stocked and is available for purchase direct in store at Hip Pocket.

It is advisable that you ensure all items of clothing are labelled so that items can be easily identified if lost or misplaced.

Summer Uniform
  • Brown check school dress or green school polo shirt with logo
  • Grey school shorts
  • School bottle green woollen jumper OR rugby jumper
  • White or grey socks (optional with sandals)
  • Plain black shoes or brown sandals
  • School hat (compulsory from September to May)
  • Hair ties – bottle green, yellow/gold, black or white
Sports Uniform
  • Dark green microfibre sports shorts
  • School polo shirt
  • School rugby top (optional)
  • White sports socks
  • Appropriate sports shoes
  • School hat (compulsory from September to May)
Winter Uniform
  • Ss Michael and John’s school pinafore or skirt
  • Grey school pants
  • School polo top
  • School bottle green woollen jumper OR rugby jumper
  • Bottle green tights (with skirts or pinafore)
  • White or grey socks (option of grey socks with slacks)
  • Plain black shoes or leather elastic sided boots (with pants only)
  • School hat (compulsory from September to May)
General Appearance

The school uniform is the public face of the school. It is expected that students will take pride in their general appearance and wear the appropriate uniform (general uniform or sports uniform) in full and in a respectable manner.


It is a school sunsmart policy that school hats must be worn from September through to May whenever the children are outside. This includes before and after school.


Parents are asked to give special attention to the shoes children wear to school. The uniform regulations specify leather school shoes. There are many styles available that fit this description. However, parents are urged to avoid fashion shoes that feature coloured stripes, logos or any other coloured decoration.


Students are required to have the official school green and gold backpack.


Should circumstances make it necessary for your child to wear non-uniform clothing to school, you are asked to provide items that are as close in colour and style to the uniform items being replaced. Clothing that features logos and slogans are not acceptable. In the case of footwear, sneakers should be the last choice alternative. If your child is our of uniform for any reason please provide a note to their home group teacher.


Jewellery is not considered part of the Ss Michael and John’s dress code and generally is not to be worn with the school uniform. However, if your child has pierced ears, plain studs or sleepers only must be worn (no earrings that dangle or have jagged edges). Religious medals may be worn on a chain round the neck or on a pin. Care must be taken to ensure that these are worn in such a way as to be safe while the children are playing.