As a Catholic school we are part of the Church’s mission, achieved through interaction with our local Church, families and the community which we serve. We are here to assist parents, as the primary educators of their children, in the education and religious formation of their children.

Children’s active involvement in our faith-filled community is an integral part of our life and work at Ss Michael and John’s. This ranges from the Holy Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation for our Catholic children to the development of strong social and moral values.

As a welcoming and inclusive school we offer each pupil an education that promotes their human growth since a vision of education inspired by Jesus Christ is one which is concerned with the development of the whole person (social, intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional and psychological).

All baptised children at SMJ Horsham are offered the opportunity to participate in the Sacramental Program which includes Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

Class Prayer celebrations (liturgies) and masses are held throughout the year at various times. Whole school masses are also celebrated at significant times throughout the school year such as the beginning of the school year, Easter and Mothers and Fathers Day. Parents and families are welcome to join us in these celebrations and are notified of these events via the school Facebook page and or school newsletter.

Mini Vinnies

Students in Grades 3-6 who are interested in social justice are able to join the Mini Vinnies which empowers primary school students to become advocates within their school and local community by putting their values into action. They meet regularly to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the wider St Vincent de Paul Society.

Mini Vinnies is about doing good works in the community that benefit people facing social injustice. It is also about young people meeting to talk, share ideas and concerns, to have fun and support each other.