At SMJ Horsham we aim to support parents as educators of their children in faith.

We take into account the uniqueness of each child in their ongoing faith formation. All students are expected to participate in 2.5 hours of Religious Education learning during each week.

Drawing from the life experiences of the students, we follow a P – 6┬áReligious Education Program which is planned using the ‘Awakenings’ document which incorporates the gospel values, liturgical seasons and the local calendar.

Through our learning and teaching activities we aim to:

  • develop a knowledge of our Catholic faith and what it means to live out the message of Jesus in our world today.
  • provide students with an experience of formal and informal prayer, thus giving them an opportunity of growing in a relationship with God
  • provide opportunties for Sacramental preparation and celebration

All baptised children at SMJ Horsham are offered the opportunity to participate in the Sacramental Program which includes Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

Class Prayer celebrations (liturgies) and masses are held throughout the year at various times. Whole school masses are also celebrated at significant times throughout the school year such as the beginning of the school year, Easter and Mothers and Fathers Day. Parents and families are welcome to join us in these celebrations and are notified of these events via the school Facebook page and or school newsletter.

Mini Vinnies

Students in Grades 3-6 who are interested in social justice are able to join the Mini Vinnies which empowers primary school students to become advocates within their school and local community by putting their values into action. They meet regularly to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the wider St Vincent de Paul Society.

Mini Vinnies is about doing good works in the community that benefit people facing social injustice. It is also about young people meeting to talk, share ideas and concerns, to have fun and support each other.