At SMJ Horsham, we thrive to create a positive learning environment that will help students develop socially, emotionally and academically to their full potential.

We work to create an educational environment that provides an exciting, interesting and engaging learning environment that is not restricted by socioeconomic, cultural, geographical or family background.

Today’s world is ever-changing, and the challenge for us as educators is to ensure that as the children move through primary school, that we truly engage, motivate and excite them. Working collaboratively to problem solve, be critical thinkers, risk takers and resilient individuals are essential skills in that need to be developed and fostered in this modern, new age world. Therefore, there is also a strong focus on building connections through student learning experiences to the real world and broader community in which we live.

As a Catholic school it is important that student learning reflects the vision of our school and an understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus.

We aim to maximise student potential in a safe and caring community in which academic achievement, positive self esteem, cultural diversity and the rights of all are highly valued and respected.

At SMJ we believe that a strong and supportive partnership between home and school promotes the best possible environment for student learning and we encourage parents to become involved and support our school.

Learning Communities

We have five ‘learning communities’ at SMJ and they are referred to as the following:

Prep – Sherman Learning Community
Grades 1 & 2 – Brigid Learning Community
Grades 3 & 4 – Lynch Learning Community
Grades 5 & 6 – Madden Learning Community