Wellbeing is integral in enabling children to flourish as contributing members of society who enjoy meaningful and spiritually enriched lives. Our school vision and mission underpins our wellbeing practice and curriculum. Staff recognise the pivotal role they play in fostering the wellbeing of children.

Wellbeing is recognised as our children’s capacity to cope, learn and thrive. Children who have a positive mood and attitude, are resilient and content with who they are and are more engaged and successful learners. Wellbeing is clearly linked to positive learning outcomes for children and families.

Wellbeing in our school includes creating safe, inclusive learning communities, developing a strong sense of connection and belonging through authentic relationships, engaging students in positive learning experiences that enable student voice and providing purposeful and innovative learning experiences.

Social emotional learning is both explicitly taught and woven through all learning and teaching opportunities. Children participate in a wide range of cooperative learning strategies and inquiry based learning to deepen their knowledge and understanding of how to work and relate well to others.

We have a full time wellbeing and learning diversity teacher who is supported by a part time pastoral care worker. Our wellbeing and learning diversity teacher supports children, families and staff across all areas of wellbeing. Our pastoral care worker offers both individual and group support in the area of social emotional learning and wellbeing.

Bounce Back Program

The award-winning Bounce Back program supports teachers and schools in their efforts to promote positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience for both students and teachers and build safe and supportive class and school learning environments.

The Resilience Project

Our school takes part in the Resilience Project. This program uses evidence based strategies that build resilience and improve mental health through inspiring students, empowering teachers and engaging parents.

Seasons for Growth

This special education program is offered to any students that have experienced significant change or loss in their lives.

Buddy Program

At SMJ Horsham we are proud of the Buddy Program that we provide to all our Foundation students. In term 4, our Grade 5 students undertake training through the Alannah & Madeline Foundation Better Buddies Framework. The values of the Better Buddies Framework include caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.

Each Prep child is visited at their Kinder by their Buddy. This student is on hand to support them on the orientation days and during the first weeks of school. There are follow up activities throughout the year.