Information Technologies (ICT) at SMJ Horsham Primary is used as a learning tool designed to transform students learning and enrich their learning environment. The use of a wide range of ICT software develops new thinking and learning skills to produce innovative and creative insights.

Students are able to produce more productive ways of working and solving problems individually and cooperatively through the use of ICT. Students are progressively introduced to a broad range of skills including applied technology, databases, desktop publishing, graphics, multimedia, operating environments, programming, spreadsheets, telecommunications, presentations and word processing.

Skills in these areas are applied to complete a variety of projects as the children explore the world of learning. The students become familiar with the use of a variety of ICT hardware and software, they learn how to operate equipment safely and apply the protocols of internet safety.

Students from Prep to Grade 2 have access to iPads to enhance their learning through various app based programs. They use iPads as multimedia tools to photograph and video their learning throughout the day. Children are able to share this learning to their families through the Seesaw app.

Grade 3 to 6 have access to devices throughout their school day. Various application programs are used by teachers in all areas of learning such as google classroom.

All students are exposed to robotics, coding and programming within the ICT curriculum through the use of Spheros and web based applications.

At SMJ’s, smart, safe and responsible use of ICT is essential. All students are required to participate in cyber safety education programs and complete acceptable use agreements prior to using technology.