School Absences

If your child is unwell and is unable to attend school you must notify the school as early as possible on the day of absence. Preferably you must notify the school via an online form found within the Skoolbag app or you can also phone the office on 5382 3000.

In the event that you fail to notify the school of your child’s absence you will be contacted during the day to determine the reason for absence.

If you intend on taking an extended holiday within the school term, you must apply in writing to the Principal and notify you child’s teacher in case a learning plan is required to be put in place for your child whilst absent.


Children are able to borrow two library books each week from the school library. Please ensure that all borrowed books are returned to school the following week.

Every child in the school is required to have a library bag before borrowing from the library. It is preferable that the library bag be of a waterproof type material to help protect the books from accidents with children’s water bottles.

Breakfast Club

SMJ recognises the importance of breakfast in enabling children to be able to focus on learning. A breakfast club is available each morning for ALL children. We offer toast with a variety of spreads (no peanut butter) and a warm milo. Periodically we ask for donations of goods through the school newsletter.

Birthdays & Special Occasions

You are welcome to bring cakes or treats to the classroom for you child’s birthday so that the whole class can participate in birthday wishes. If you are bringing something to school we ask that you check with the homeroom teacher regarding any allergies. We also ask that anything brought in does not contain any nuts.

Classroom Access

Parents and guardians are not permitted to access classrooms during the school day. If you wish to see your child please report to the office upon arrival.



Children are able to order on Wednesday for a delivered lunch order on Thursday only. Price lists are sent home at the beggining of the year. Lunch order bags and extra price lists are available form the Office. Orders must be completed on the bag and contain the correct amount of money. These orders must be placed in the class container in your child’s home group area each Wednesday morning. Late orders are unable to be taken.


If you are bringing your child’s lunch to school, we ask that you do not go into the Learning Community and disturb the learning time. Please bring the lunch into the school office and we will ensure that your child gets it at the appropriate time. For the safety of the children they are not permitted to wait at the school gates or on the school nature strip.

Bus Travel

For specific information regarding bus travel, please contact the school office.


Every student is marked off as they get on the bus each night and it is therefore extremely important that we have accurate information.

Families will need to advise the school office whether their child/children are travelling by a town or country bus on set nights so that accurate bus rosters can be provided via a completed bus travel form.

If there is any change to on-going travel arrangements it is important to notify the school immediately.

If your child is an occasional bus traveller we require you to phone the office or send in a note with your child to notify us that they will be travelling on bus so we can add them to the list for that night PRIOR TO MIDDAY on the day of travel.

Update of Personal Details

It is important that we have an up to date enrolment register at all times. Parents must report any changes to student information for the enrolment register and any additional information such as a new medical condition as soon as a change occurs. This can be done via emailing the school office or coming in and providing in person.

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